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With Your Help, We are Making Colombia a Better Place

Founded in 2019, we’re a non-profit organization partnering with Colombia to help bring hope through projects of sustainability, education, income, and opportunities for the betterment of their lives–one step at a time.  We help connect people with their interests and abilities to help in projects of all types throughout Colombia!  We serve throughout many displaced communities through Colombia.
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Our Mission

The Luchadoras en Acción Program stands for “Women Warriors in Action”.  We call it this because the women who participate are truly fighters for their well being and have overcome difficult circumstances of abuse, war, rape, and/or single parenting.

These women are being offered a way forward for their future and the future of their children by going through our program.  In the program they learn a skill/trade which makes sense for their community area, such as hair cutting, bead making, rug weaving, etc. 

They are taught the skill along with financial management.  They are given a starter kit to go forward making a sustainable income to create a better future for themselves.  The program also uses psychologists who work with each woman on the emotional issues they face, teaching them of their value and walking alongside them to heal from those emotional wounds.

Their stories will be put together at the end and as they finish the program, they will receive a starter kit with the ability to get their own business or way of income going. 

Each woman is accepted on an application basis and it will include follow up post-program to ensure they continue to have the emotional support they will gain from the time in the program.




Our Other Programs

The CARDONA-Rabb Clinic

Located in Brisas del Mar, it’s a clinic which serves 3,000 persons in displaced communities every month at no cost to those persons who would otherwise not have health care.  The clinic staffs one full time nurse and hosts medical brigades which also provide dental care and pre-natal care at scheduled times throughout the year.

Christmas in Colombia

We provide an annual fundraiser in which we collect donations to help provide 7 to 10 Colombian communities with Christmas gifts for the children.  We additionally partner with the Colombian Methodist Church for distribution of these gifts.

Clean Water Initiative

We’re working to get clean water in 4 different communities so they can have a sustainable way of life.  Water is the path to good health and many communities in Colombia are without clean water, which creates many health issues.  We are working to get these clean water systems there with proper training and replacement parts to last the community in a sustainable way.

Upcoming Events



Christmas in Colombia Fund Raising (Start)

Fundraising for Christmas in Colombia



Christmas in Colombia Fund Raising (End)

Fundraising for Christmas in Colombia



Luchadora Launch

Launch of the Luchadora program in Cartagena, Colombia.

COVID-19 has really hindered our fundraising abilities.  Thus we have had to push back the Luchadora program to January.  Additionally, the quarantine in Colombia remains strict, limiting our ability to implement the program and comply with country guidelines. 




Palmito, Colombia

Team RPC travels to Palmito.

If you’re interested in joining the team, please contact us.

There are over 7 million displaced persons in Colombia. We exist to help them create a sustainable future.

- Rachael McKinney

CEO, Footprints with Hope

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